Avoiding Lung Cancer Using a Home Lung Detoxification

As well as a whole host of life threatening illnesses, lung cancer is the then most common and serious illness caused by smoking. Although it can be contracted by non smokers, it is almost exclusively smoking related and in fact 9 out of 10 fatalities from lung cancer are smokers. Although stopping smoking does have a beneficial effect against getting lung cancer it does not completely eradicate the chances of an ex smoker dying from the illness. Unfortunately for the ex smoker, the harmful toxins that are released into the lung tissue through smoking can in fact remain present for between 10 and 15 years after the last cigarette and although the body will eventually break them down it can be a very slow process.

This was a particularly worrying fact for me because having been a heavy smoker for 25 years I knew that my lungs would be in a very bad condition and so the prospect of firstly the chances of not being able to repair the damage caused and then secondly getting lung cancer were quite possible if not inevitable. So how was I going to set about this dilemma?

Having managed to quit smoking about 12 months before me, my wife had given me plenty of encouragement to quit. She hadn’t made a fuss about it, but had experienced the benefits first hand of living a smoke free existence. One measure that she had taken to help her quit smoking was to do a simple home lung detoxification. The purpose was two fold; Firstly to help quit smoking and control cravings, but secondly to remove the toxins from the lungs and reduce the chances of getting lung cancer in the future. She was convinced that the lung detox was the final piece of the jigsaw for her quest to quit for good, and quit she did.

My understanding is that the lung detoxification speeds up the removal of toxins dramatically, meaning that rather than taking many years for the bodies natural defences to break them down, the lung detoxification takes just weeks. When you smoke then cells in the lungs become abnormal very quickly, and if a smoker continues to smoke for many years these cells increase in number and can eventually lead to lung cancer. When the toxins causing these abnormalities are removed then quite quickly the body can replace these abnormal cells with normal healthy ones and so lead to better health and a massive reduction in the chances of lung cancer.